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There were two nondescript rented hovercars waiting for them just inside the hangar bay. They each got into one, and before he brought the vehicle up on its repulsor field, he tossed one more encouraging wave to Cory. They'll never know what hit them when they see you there! After confirming that the bay doors closed securely behind them, they both raced off in opposite directions, destined to meet up at the same location minutes later.

By design, Merritt arrived first. He parked the hovercar in the lot and walked through the manicured park to the meeting place.

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Birthright: Battle for the Confederation- Crusade - Kindle edition by Ryan Krauter. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Birthright: Battle for the Confederation- Turmoil - Kindle edition by Ryan Krauter. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

He had to admit that it was a beautiful day; the sun was shining, a light breeze kept things from getting too hot, and there was some sort of native flower in bloom that scented the air with a relaxing fragrance. He continued down a walking path until he saw his destination and the crowd gathered there. They made a perfect couple; both were adventurous and, by the consensus of everyone else, just a little off-kilter. They were perfect for each other. He collected a hug from Cassie. Loren and his wife had been released from the quarantine of the planet Toral a few weeks earlier and had spent the interim traveling together, trying their best to ignore the war and the Primans as they caught up and enjoyed their time with each other. Merritt did a quick and respectful examination of the SAR operative with Web. She was almost Web's height, with hazel eyes and brunette hair that hung to her shoulders.

She'd put a little bit of a curl into her hair for the occasion, and as he looked at the simple but fashionable dark blue dress she wore he realized she was as deadly as she as beautiful. He also had no idea where she could have a gun and a pair of knives, but he also knew that she wouldn't lie about that sort of thing. Merritt noticed Web holding a small velvet bag and gave him a questioning look.

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His friend knew enough to not take that at face value. I promise not to throw any at your face. His father shook his hand as they met, while his mother gave him a very enthusiastic hug. Pleasantries complete, Loren accompanied him to the front of the group where Captain Sirian Elco, their commanding officer and captain of Avenger, was standing ramrod-straight and waiting for them. More than a collection of officers, these people had become friends over the course of the year they'd been at war with the Primans.

The war in question had stalemated in Confederation territory as the invaders had turned their advance through easier targets, but it was no less pressing or brutal for that.

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Since my parents spent my formative years chasing asteroids with their mobile refineries, I don't have anything I really care to insist on as for the ceremony. Cory's family is a little more traditional. Both our rings are identical and made out of the same block of alloy, that rope thing we'll have draped around our shoulders means something, even the colors of her dress stand for virtue, or virility, or maybe it was fiscal responsibility or the ability to get discounts on groceries. They heard a soft murmuring go through the crowd and turned to see Cory had arrived.

Cory was wearing a simple yellow dress the color of the blooming flowers in the park, with a thin flowing shawl draped over her shoulders.

She'd gathered up her sandy blonde hair in a sort of loose updo, with tendrils of her hair escaping from the pile in back as well as a few that framed her face. Merritt's breathing once again became irregular. They held hands briefly, then turned to face the group of friends and family who had gathered for them. Another of the traditions that Cory's family had mentioned was an incredibly old one which stated that the first person to cross into the proceedings was to be the pants-wearer in the family.

Couples took pains to meet before the threshold and cross together, signifying an equal partnership, something Cory and Merritt planned to honor. There was no music, another custom which said any distractions from the couple or the vows were bad luck. Cory and Merritt simply walked down the aisle together, arm in arm, until they stood before Captain Elco, who had produced a small, old fashioned printed book.

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Cory draped the other end of the braided rope that hung from her shoulders over Merritt's as they readied themselves. Merritt's attire complimented Cory's; he wore dark dress slacks with a suit jacket to match which buttoned up the front almost all the way up to his neck. The short banded collar of the jacket stood up against his neck, and he wore a yellow shirt underneath in the same color as Cory's dress.

He lifted his head to address the people seated behind them. We are here to celebrate the bonding of two souls. They have entered this place separate; they will leave as one. As the captain of a Confederation ship, I am allowed the responsibility of joining these two people in marriage.

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This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of being in such a position, because despite what you've heard, it's not all fun and games being the captain; there's a never ending supply of paperwork, Admirals who want me at their beck and call, and young officers like Commander Stone over there who want my job. He'd found himself to be the right person in the right place to become the XO of Avenger, but hadn't ever considered that his career path might lead him to the command chair of a starship.

I've seen Merritt and Cory together; surely as night gives way to daytime and then back again, these two are soulmates. It signifies the importance and support of the family past, as well as their hopes to continue the family in the future. The people here believe marriage is not a rite that requires government, a particular religion, or philosophy. It is but a straightforward agreement between two people to love and stand by each other for the rest of their days.

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The image of the crusades often connotes exoticism and foreign adventuring. However, the underlying motivations, daily practicalities, and lasting impact of the crusades on their European birthplace are equally important. How did European anxieties, prejudices, and priorities propel the crusading movement? How did crusaders understand and manage the particularly European geographical, legal, and financial dimensions of their campaigns?

How did the crusades mark medieval European architecture, spirituality, and literature?

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This volume not only engages these provocative questions but also serves as a monument to the career of Christopher Tyerman, who has done so much to integrate European and global crusading history. If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here:. Essays in Honour of Christopher Tyerman. Author: G.