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Such is the self-defeating nature of evil. Demons believe that absolute chaos is the true nature of Creation. Many lesser demons despise humanity, seeing the existence of Man as offensive to their "higher" position in the greater scheme of things. Many demons hoard wealth. Attitudes of demons otherwise depend on their master—the legions of Mephisto were driven by a hatred of all living things, especially those who were pure of heart. The soldiers of Baal sought the undoing of Creation, striving for disorder and destruction.

To them, order was an abhorrence. The minions of Diablo used illusion and fear as their greatest weapons, preferring to wait for an opponent to show weakness before they attacked. Of these Evils, many believe that if there can be said to be one single ruler of demonkind, it is Mephisto. Lesser demons will not follow one of their own kind. Only a demon of higher standing can lead them. The Primes and Lessers collectively known as the Great Evils each had their own realm of Hell, [9] while the Mallet Lords control the outer reaches of Hell. Demons maintain a symbol-based writing system. Few, if any humans are capable of reading it.

Many demons fear the light of the sun. Many demons hoard all the wealth they can find, even if they have no use for the gold used by mortals. Demons have a sense of "justice" such as it is , but it is a cruel and sadistic form of it. Demons originated from the corpse of Tathamet , whose body became the Burning Hells. For ages they fought against angelkind in the Eternal Conflict. It came to a halt with the disappearance of the Worldstone. It was eventually revealed that the Worldstone had been used to create the mortal realm, a revelation that gained the interest of the Prime Evils.

The result was the Sin War , [9] which ended with a pact between Heaven and Hell to allow Man the freedom to choose his own path. How dare you deny yourselves victory!

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Long have the Primes lorded over us. Long have they thought themselves our betters. Diablo will fall, as will the rest.

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Demon's Quest: High Demon, Book 4 (High Demon Series) eBook: Connie Suttle : Demon's Revenge: High Demon, Book 5 (High Demon Series). Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After earning her MFA from the University of Oklahoma, Demon's Revenge: High Demon, Book 5 (High Demon Series). Connie Suttle · out of 5 stars Kindle Edition. $ · Demon's Quest: High Demon, Book 4.

Do not be swayed or led to fear by him. Do not, for each of you will reign. Each of you will share the power we will earn.

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Not only had the Lesser Evils been kept in the dark about the existence of Sanctuary, but they were furious that the Primes were intent on weaponizing humanity's nephalem potential rather than continuing the Eternal Conflict against Heaven. The Lesser Evils of Hell were growing tired of the endless ebb and flow in the tides of mortal favor, as well as those in the elaborate schemes of the Primes. The Lesser Evils longed to return to the epic days of the Great Conflict, and lay siege again to the gates of the High Heavens.

The two demon lords made a pact with their minor brethren, assuring them that the wretched plague of humanity would not deter the ultimate victory of the sons of Hell.


Azmodan and Belial devised a plan to end the stalemate, achieve victory in the Sin War and ultimately ride the bloody crest of the Great Conflict straight into the very arms of Armageddon. Thus, a great revolution was set into motion as all of Hell went to war against the Three Brothers. Furthermore, with the presence of the Primes in the mortal realm, Azmodan believed that Heaven would be forced to divert its attention towards humanity, thus potentially leaving Heaven vulnerable.

The few demons who still pledged allegiance to the Primes entered Sanctuary to serve their masters. When the bickering turned to violence, their alliance ended, and the remaining denizens of Hell found themselves in a second civil war. Wrapped in the guise of man, shall he walk amongst the innocent, and Terror shall consume they that dwell upon the Earth.

The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall before the wicked, and all of Creation shall tremble before the burning standards of Hell! The awakening of Diablo in Tristram sparked a chain of events that upset the status quo for demonkind. Andariel and Duriel concluded that the Primes would inevitably use the powers of Man to reclaim Hell, and thus endevoured to gain favor by allying themselves with the Lord of Terror as he traveled across Sanctuary with a mortal host.

Baal journeyed north to corrupt the Worldstone , which would corrupt humanity in turn and enslave Man to the will of Hell. Mephisto stayed behind, intent on destroying any who would attempt to thwart their plan. In truth, the Three had masterminded the Dark Exile and their banishment with the aid of the fallen angel Izual, who had told them of the soulstones and how they might use them to further their own ends.

Yet the Primes' plans were thwarted by a group of heroes.

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Baal himself was slain on Mount Arreat , though not before the Worldstone was corrupted. To save humanity, the archangel Tyrael destroyed the stone. While this saved humanity from corruption, [9] it left Sanctuary open to demonic invasion. Diablo is too powerful. Always before, the Lords of Hell bickered and worked against each other.

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They undid themselves. Within Diablo, within the Prime, there is no such division, and now the halls of the High Heavens quake beneath his steps. However, Lucifer's Cage resides just beyond Limbo, where it is surrounded by black storm clouds and suspended by chains. You demons. You think you're something special. But you're just spirits. Twisted, perverted, evil spirits. But, end of the day, you're nothing but ghosts with an ego. Demons usually do not have bodies of their own, except in the case of Acheri demons , who can "manifest" as human children. Other demons appear as black smoke in their incorporeal form. Their presence may leave traces of sulfur. They manifest by possessing humans, alive or recently deceased, via demonic possession. Exorcism will drive the demon from its human host and return it to Hell.

When a demon has been exorcised it becomes more difficult for the demon to escape from Hell. However, exorcism is not permanent and demons have been known to return anywhere from a matter of months [8] to five years later.

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Chapter In the White Light. He builds high towers, castles and cities, furnishing them with weapons and ammunition, provides good familiars, and can make the wounds of men gangrenous or fill them with worms. OVA - Mar 10, When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins to control her life. Lissa had two Larentii. When motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners. She joins forces with others like her and heads into a dangerous alternate New York called the Shadow World.

A high volume of dispossessed individuals die; Dean commented that demons seem to enjoy wearing out their meatsuits. Humans possessed by demons exhibit black, red, yellow, or white eyes depending on the demon involved. Demons themselves, and people close to the Gates of Hell , [9] see the "real" decaying faces of demons, not just the body they use to walk the earth. It appears that angels can as well. Demons' abilities and weaknesses vary depending on the apparent rank of the demon. Demons share many strengths and weaknesses with ghosts. Can't hurt you.

Hurting you's encouraged. The most essential aspects of demon history that relate to Sam and Dean begin in That year, Azazel makes contact with Lucifer by sacrificing a dozen nuns at a convent. He is then instructed to find a "special child" who would be essential in breaking the 66 Seals that are the lock to Lucifer's Cage. He kills Mary when she tries to intervene, driving John to become a hunter. Throughout Sam's childhood, Azazel has demons possess people in Sam's life to keep an eye on him. To combat Sam's transition, Azazel has a demon possess Sam's friend Brady.

Brady introduces Sam to Jess. They fall in love, and Azazel orders her death as a means of propelling Sam back into hunting - and the path to becoming Lucifer 's vessel. John has been searching for the demon that killed his wife for decades, and after Sam returns to hunting, he and Dean join the effort to avenge Mary. They require, and eventually obtain, the Colt , the only weapon that can kill this demon. John is sent to Hell. Eventually Azazel takes Sam, along with other Special Children he has created over the years, to a ghost town where he intends for them to fight to the death.

He will allow the sole survivor to live, and has tasks for that individual to perform.