Dont Embarrass the Family: The Trial of Whitey Bulgers Handler FBI Special Agent John Connolly

FBI’s Amazing Trick to Avoid Accountability
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Connolly could not keep Whitey out of trouble. But he could keep him out of jail - by persuading him to become an FBI informant in and by allegedly tipping him off 19 years later to federal indictments that named Bulger and several of his associates. It worked. And Whitey Bulger expanded his criminal empire, filling the vacuum left by the defeated Anguilo crime family. Protect Bulger and his information sinks Anguilo. The deal sounded neat. No one expected it to be clean. Appearing as a prosecution witness in the expectation of a reduced sentence, Weeks clearly enjoyed being the star attraction.

But defence counsel Tracy Miner finally stung him with her allegation that he had intimidated victims by producing body-bags at the critical moment during torture sessions. Being accused of murder was one thing, being accused of subtlety was another.

He also disliked being called Bulger's driver. She had not. But she stuck to her automotive theme. Sceptical of Weeks's assertion that Bulger had once crossed town in 15 minutes, she even ventured her own little joke. Could Mr Bulger "make the traffic magically move and disappear? Connolly did not find Kevin Weeks funny.

Unsmiling, he never took his eyes off the witness. Allowed by US District Judge Tauro to sit with his wife, his three sons and his sister in a spectator bench throughout the trial, Connolly was the only person to endure weeks of testimony without squirming on the uncomfortable seats. Squirming is not John Connolly's style. The bulky year-old with a weakness for expensive suits and lacquered hairstyles strode up to the vast courthouse on Boston's Waterfront each day flanked by his glamorous second wife and his brother, a retired Drug Enforcement Agency agent.

This is a terrible shame. But it was a tough job back then - "People forget how tough".

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Retired FBI agent John Morris, the prosecution's most valuable witness, looked terrified not tough as he recalled taking bribes during his tenure as Connolly's superior and the Mob's creature when he surely became the first and only drunken G-man ever to be driven home by Flemmi and Bulger. Morris fingered Connolly as crooked in during judicial hearings that exposed the links between the FBI and Boston's gangster establishment. I prayed every night.


Contents [ show ]. He wasn't tout. You know, memory is a political act. And the money was going to be kicked back to Winter hill. If he saw them coming, he would take them with him.

The pale, thin-lipped bureaucrat - dubbed "a moral weakling" by the prosecution - wept as he testified for the first time at Connolly's trial and seemed likely to collapse again. As Morris sobbed a flicker of expression crossed Connolly's face.

The mobster Whitey Bulger secretly worked for the F.B.I. Or was it the other way around?

Don't Embarrass The Family: The Trial of Whitey Bulger's Handler FBI Special Agent John Connolly [Matthew T. Connolly] on *FREE* shipping on . The FBI assigned Special Agent John Connolly the job of handling top echelon informants James "Whitey" Bulger and Stephen Flemmi, the two leaders of a.

It could have been sympathy, embarrassment or disgust and it was gone in an instant. During the hearings, Connolly took the Fifth Amendment. Outside the courtroom, however, he vented his anger daily. Running informants was "like a circus", he told reporters, "and if the circus is going to work you need to have a guy in there with the lions and tigers.

That was me. I was no John Morris, back in the office with a number-two lead pencil. My job was to get in there with the lions and tigers. And I am no liar like Morris. Bulger never gave Connolly a heart attack, never made him cry. If anything, Connolly was more at home with the gangsters he claimed to control than he was with FBI pencil-pushers. In the witness box, however, Connolly's "lions and tigers" became grey-haired ambassadors from a sordid world.

Yet, even when Cyr was pregnant, Mr. Bulger had already begun a relationship with another woman, Teresa Stanley, that would last 30 years. She was a divorced South Boston mother with four young children when they met, and he raised the children as his own. He had firm, deeply traditional views about what constituted a family and how a family should behave. He insisted on sit-down family dinners every night, with no interruptions. He lectured the children on the importance of studying hard, staying physically fit, and steering clear of unsavory characters. Then he would disappear late into the night to preside over his growing criminal empire.

When he was 45, Mr. Bulger began another serious relationship, with Greig, a divorced dental hygienist who was 22 years his junior and whose two former brothers-in-law — Paul and Donald McGonagle — had been killed by Mr. While Stanley remained ignorant of his other affair, Greig, who quit her teaching job at Forsyth Dental School to tend to Mr. Bulger became adept at leading a double life, not only with his two primary girlfriends, but with his underworld cohorts and his protectors in the FBI.

More importantly, Flemmi was an FBI informant, too, going back to the s. It also cleared the playing field for Mr. Bulger and Flemmi to become the most powerful criminals in Boston. It was a Faustian deal for the FBI. Bulger and Flemmi murdered and extorted money from bookmakers, drug dealers, and legitimate business people alike. Bulger and Flemmi from a federal race-fixing indictment that decimated the rest of the Winter Hill Gang.

Bulger established his base of operations to South Boston and later operated out of a liquor store he extorted from a local couple. Kevin Weeks, Mr.

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The leaks prompted Mr. Bulger and Flemmi to orchestrate the murders of three informants and a potential witness, according to Flemmi. The gangster also swapped gifts with some agents.

FBI’s Amazing Trick to Avoid Accountability

By the mids, Mr. In , Connolly warned Mr. Halloran said the murder was commissioned by John Callahan, a Boston businessman who had organized crime ties and who was trying to force Wheeler to sell him his company, World Jai Alai. The leak prompted Mr. He opened fire, killing Halloran and Michael Donahue, an innocent truck driver from Dorchester who was giving Halloran a ride home.

A few months later, after Connolly warned Mr. The investigation into the slayings of Wheeler, Halloran, Donahue, and Callahan highlighted the depth of Mr. Government documents made public years later revealed that Mr. Bulger was protected from prosecution. Efforts by honest agents and police officers to target Mr. Bulger were thwarted by the FBI. Further emboldened, he continued his reign of terror.

Whitey Bulger and the FBI: The "60 Minutes" report

The following year, Mr. Bulger was involved in an ill-fated plot to ship guns to the outlawed Irish Republican Army aboard the Gloucester-based trawler Valhalla. The shipment was seized off the coast of Ireland and Connolly warned Mr. Bulger lured him to the same house in South Boston, chained him to a chair, interrogated him, then shot him in the head and buried him in the cellar alongside Barrett, according to Flemmi and Weeks. A year later, Mr. She, too, was buried in that cellar. When that house, owned by a relative of a Bulger associate, was going to be sold, Mr.

Bulger insisted on moving the bodies to another location.

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Instead, Mr. Bulger relaxed upstairs while his associates did the work. Bulger as an FBI informant. The FBI denied it and Mr. Bulger dismissed it as an attempt to embarrass his brother William, by that time the powerful and longest-serving president of the Massachusetts Senate. Bulger continued to rob and kill with impunity until , when Connolly tipped him off that investigators from the Massachusetts State Police and US Drug Enforcement Administration were poised to arrest him. Bulger fled with his longtime girlfriend, Stanley, shortly before his January racketeering indictment.

She, however, quickly grew tired of a life on the run and asked him to bring her home. He dropped Stanley off in a parking lot in Hingham, and then drove to Malibu Beach in Dorchester, where Greig was waiting for him.