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DCS: L-39 Albatros
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Gliders are principally used for the air sports of gliding, hang gliding and paragliding but are also used for recovering spacecraft.

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Buy "Flieg, Albatros, flieg!" (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - infacbatttrat.tk Therefore BattleTech 6 Die Albatros-Akte German Edition and Le dernier voyage de lAlbatros French Edition. We find flieg albatros flieg german edition.

Perhaps the most familiar type is the paper plane. Military gliders were used mainly during the Second World War for carrying troops and heavy equipment to a combat zone. These aircraft were towed into the air and most of the way to their target by military transport planes, e. Short Stirling. Once released from the tow near the target, they landed as close to the target as possible. The advantage over paratroopers were that heavy equipment could be landed and that the troops were quickly assembled rather than being dispersed over a drop zone.

DCS: L-39 Albatros

The gliders were treated as disposable leading to construction from common and inexpensive materials such as wood, though a few were retrieved and re-used. By the time of the Korean War, transport aircraft had also become larger and more efficient so that even light tanks could be dropped by parachute, causing gliders to fall out of favor.

ristmikates.tk Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev. William Hawley Bowlus. From: Lft.

No on 24 V. The top coats will darken the lighter ones. I saw an aeroplane, "Bajazzo," - it looked like a "Bajazzo" - lieutenant and painter Riemenschneider also found an intermediate colour for the balloon, [which would] stop ultraviolet [rays] which destroy rubber. It is a liquor dye or an indanthrene dye and should be good.

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Stephanie: Thank you for the translation, I appreciate the help. Blue skies, Dan-San Abbott. The word "sicht" is in fact "sieht" 3. I could ask my brother-in-law, a painter, in this matter.

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I am not a translator but would translate the document in the following way: "Copy: Balloon-Reserve-Platoon No on 24 V. The top [upper] areas [of the balloon are] dark, the lower ones lighter. It is a liquor dye or an indanthrene dye and should be very good. The paint of the balloon was darker on the upper side but lighter more downward, where the Iron Cross es were placed. I will scan and send this book page later to you because I have still problems with the connection in the Internet.

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1988 Olympic Men's 200m Butterfly final Michael infacbatttrat.tk

And like you Craig, I would like to know what "Bajazzo" means. In the Webster's Dictionary, "Indanthrene" is a trademark and is blue crystalline, water insoluble solid used as dye for cotton and as apigment in paints and enamels. From this I would derive that cotton balloon cloth is dyed with indanthrene before the application of the rubber coating that gas proofs the fabric.

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What I don't know is what is the color? Is it blue, grey or what? Fro some reading last night most dye substances produce hundred of colors. Unfortunately in these chemical compounds Indanthrene was not listed.


I am going to pursue this sublect. When I get some answers I will report back the answers. Blau Himmeln, Dan-San Abbott. Laugh, Bajazzo! Bajazzo is a famous Italian opera by Ruggiero Leoncavallo with a story in the milieu of jugglers. Nedda, an actress, cheats her husband Canio who is the leader of the juggler troop. Canio was informed about the love affaire of his wife by the fool Tonio who was refused before by Colombine when he tried to get her love before a role play.

During the play the situation is escalating and the play becomes bloody serious. Finally Canio, playing the "Bajazzo", is killing his wife Nedda, who is playing the "Colombine" in the role play. Additional he is killing her lover. Famous arias like "Lache, Bajazzo! Maybe our Italian friends can add something here.

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I remember Bajazzo was dressed in a typical juggler-outfit, looking like a patchwork of coloured diamond rhomb -shaped pieces of stuff. I did not find an example of this clothing in the Internet but send later a scan of this dress too. In my opinion a comparison with Bajazzo could maybe indicate a Lozenge-camouflage on the aircraft. What is a Vat paint? Value added tax-paint seems to be wrong!

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Redner could maybe know more about paintings of "Drachen" etc. Try to drop him an e-mail on his homepage about the German "Heeresluftschiffe". I believe "The Aerodrome" has a link to his homepage. Hannes: Thank you for clarifying "Bajazzo". I have seen this style of Clown costume, it does look like lozenge printed fabric. Vat is a large metal container in which yarns or woven fabrics are placed for dyeing.

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Is were withdrawn from front line service in but some examples served as trainers for the remainder of the war. Most reacted comment. Formed in as a Cologne student rock-band, Birth Control chose their name as a stab at Pope Paul's anti birth control policy. This applies in particular to reporting on committee meetings or events. IV, Company post-war designation L. A surprisingly unknown diversion from Krokodil's drummer, often listed as a Krokodil album. All that they left behind is an odd album that is full of surprises, yet doesn't really fit into any genre comfortably.

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