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Hard Drivin' Man Lyrics: Baby, I'm gonna leave you / Honey, don't ask me why / Twenty-seven more minutes / Before I say bye bye / I'm a hard drivin' man / Hard . Hard Drivin' Man (Live Full House) Lyrics: Oh baby, baby, baby / Baby, I'm gonna leave you / Honey, don't ask me why / Twenty-seven more minutes / Before I.

Labheshs iPhone 6s Active Save. Are you sure want to delete the Playlist Delete Cancel. Recent Searches. Songs View all. Albums View all. But now that she's a widow—and he fears some other man may sweep her off her feet, Trey's gonna drive one hard bargain with the only woman he's ever needed in his bed—and his life.

Inside her body.

Your Blast From the Past!

Stop it, Jess. Born in minutes of shared laughter with him over the decades. Born in moments when you thought he understood you better than Clint ever did. Killed by common sense, your age difference—and your decision to never seek another man to love. This appeal would have been easier if she could have approached the ranch foreman hired by Trey and his dad years ago to run the place. Damn it. She flicked off the ignition and threw her keys on the dash.

That the second son of the legendary Hardwick dynasty wanted her as his bride. Claimed her for himself before any other boy could.

Your Blast From the Past!

Needed him. Wanted him. She reached across the seat for her summer straw Stetson and jammed it on over her pony tail. But vanity and pride had her straining up to check out her face in the rear-view mirror. What she saw made her frown and question her simple approach. No make-up, no cleavage showing for the hunky specimen most females in town would drop their panties for. Is this the way to win Trey over? Or a sure way to fail?

Hard Drivin’ Man (Live Full House)

She squinted at her reflection. The lines around her eyes came from years of sun-drying her skin as she rustled cattle on the range.

enter site Forget that! She snapped away from her image. On a small cry, she thrust open the cab door, slid down out of the truck and slammed the door. And what she needed.

Hard Drivin' Man

What's a gal to do to if she lives deep in the heart of Texas, travels often everywhere, and adores Paris, Florence, London, Tokyo and all points east and west? She becomes an author who can write about those romantic places. With a passion for cowboys, spies, rakes, knights in shining armor and their gutsy women, Cerise DeLand is an author who adores an alpha male with a tender heart and a need for a smoldering erotic love affair with the right woman!

Hard Drivin’ Man Lyrics

What s more is that Cerise is the award-winning author of 18 print novels of mystery, mainstream and romance with St. She flicked off the ignition and threw her keys on the dash. Totally sizzling — Sexy, explicit and highly imaginative, with a sensual side. Sign up to our newsletter Be the first to receive the latest news and exclusive offers straight to your inbox. What she saw made her frown and question her simple approach.

Cerise is a Top 20 Best Selling author on Amazon with more than three dozen works published in erotic romance, and she is also an award-winning author of mystery, mainstream and romance with St.