Israel, Turkey and Greece: Uneasy Relations in the East Mediterranean

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Contact us. Bookbinding Services. Prize Winners. Gift Ideas. Newest in stock. Signed books. Natural History. A stable and long-term partnership in gas exportation or even exploitation between Israel and Turkey would significantly increase security of the region in the medium and long run. Through building a seabed pipeline, Israel could get access to a developed and wide Turkish gas infrastructure which redistributes gas to many markets.

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First Published in Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. Tripartiterelations among Greece, Turkey and Israel, if discernible at Israel, Turkey and Greece: Uneasy Relations in the East Mediterranean.

Construction and administration of a pipeline would require regular joint high-level consultations and meetings. These would inevitably lead the two regional powers to discuss also long-standing regional issues, including status of Palestine, post-Arab spring development, armament, and other key security questions.

Connected by pipeline, Turkey and Israel could gradually find themselves tightened closer to each other than ever before. Should, on the other hand, Turkey fail to attract Israel or Cyprus, which is extremely unlikely to cooperation and thus remain outside of the Eastern Mediterranean gas bonanza, the most probable result would be an increase in tension in the region. True, Turkey would not be willing to resort to military means to deter any Israeli or Cypriot exploitation.

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But if Turkey would openly declare that it is not willing to tolerate any unilateral Cypriot action, the tiny island country with 30 Turkish soldiers stationed on its northern part would find itself in a very precarious position. Israel would then remain greatly isolated, with a lot of gas but only a small market and with no Turkish nor Cypriot export routes. In such a scenario, strained relations would widen gaps between individual states in the region.

Israel would stand alone, especially if Palestine and perhaps Lebanon would succeed to get closer to Turkey in their common cause of opposing any drilling until being granted a stake at the profitable venture.

Israel, Turkey and Greece : Uneasy Relations in the East Mediterranean

The vast gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean bring many hopes; for a greater regional cooperation, opening of a dialogue on the most burning issues, and strengthening of Israeli security. But because diplomatic relations are hardly ideal in the Eastern Mediterranean, huge and sustaining effort, primarily of the two key actors, Israel and Turkey, is necessary.

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Otherwise, they will have to start stretching their muscles. Energy Information Administration. Country Analysis: Israel.

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East Mediterranean Gas: what kind of a game-changer? Oxford, Oxford Energy Institute.

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Filip Tucek is an expert on European security. Filip has published almost 50 articles and essays in leading media and is currently affiliated with Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.