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Healing Horses with Reiki
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Each week they are offered Reiki, and the vets have commented on how quickly they have recovered from their surgery. Their coats have improved, and they have a happier demeanor. It also helps them relax in cases of pain-related problems. We also use it every time we have to euthanize, to ease the transition from life and death. I find it to be very beneficial to all the horses, but the older ones that have been carrying trauma and stress for so long really seem to let go and find an inner peace.

I feel it helps them reconnect with their herd mates. She describes a typical Reiki treatment. Then the ears prick forward, and their heads lift a bit.

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One may nicker to the other, and they move in, old and young alike. The seniors close their eyes; sometimes they lie down and expel huge, deep breaths. The warmth and relaxation of the Reiki energy surrounds them in comfort. Horses remain so honest. The end of the session leaves them so satisfied and relaxed. That is a good indicator of their well-being when they participate. In the past five years, the rescue has cared for seven senior mares.

Another adoption success story is that of Elvis, an elder horse in his late 20s that came to Pregnant Mare Rescue after being listed for free on Craigslist. He initially found a home but was returned thin and sickly. Volunteers drove to deliver it in person, [and] those who could not, sent Reiki from a distance.

It was critical for a bit, touch and go, but Elvis pulled through. Katy [a volunteer] then found Elvis a forever loving home, where he is pampered and loved on. My volunteer Reiki healers continue to send Elvis Reiki from afar. So far, all reports are good. Ask where SHK is needed. Carry out full treatment using techniques learnt, horse free in stable or tied up — student decides. See and treat chakras. Use imaginary or real hands with Reiji ho. Flooding with white light. Sending Reiki in advance to horses before you get to them. Using Reiki to calm an excited horse.

Treating the owner as well as the horse.

When you enrol on a course with Reiki Evolution using the payment button above, PayPal will send us your contact details name, e-mail address, postal address and we will ask you for your telephone number. We need to store and use this data to deal with your enrolment: we need to know where to post your certificate and we need to send your details to the Reiki teacher so that they know who you are and when you are booked to attend, and so they can contact you to introduce themselves, and in extreme circumstances they might need to call you to cancel a course at the last minute though this hardly ever happens.

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You can find our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy. Director: L M King. All Rights Reserved. Breath is the bridge between the body and the spirit; therefore, we must learn to connect with our breath in order to begin the healing process at the deepest layers of our being. Sharing healing sessions As practitioners, if we want to share healing with a person or animal, the key is connecting heart to heart.

Reiki for horses; keeping it simple

To do this we must go deeper into a meditative state of mind, which can support the healing process. Thinking of the relation between spirits in these terms nurtures ego and negativity. The most effective Reiki healing happens when all of these judgments and separations disappear and we remember that we are all One: all perfect, beautiful bright lights in our true essence. Initiations Reiki teachers learn to share a healing ritual when meeting with our students called an initiation.

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His wisdom had just hit me. I was surprised and asked her if she wanted to help. I cradled her head with both hands as she leaned heavily and miserably on my shoulder. In fact, they can feel it so strongly that it may make them uncomfortable. Just for today do not worry.

Both teachers and practitioners of the system of Reiki often describe how their Reiki meditation practice has healed their lives-from the inside out-and made their world a better and more peaceful place. Our horses appreciate and are drawn to the peacefulness of the meditative state, and enjoy being our meditation partners. The more we practice, the stronger is this peaceful atmosphere we are able to create for ourselves and those around us.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Reiki is a system, and Reiki is spiritual energy The name Reiki, pronounced ray-key, comes from the Japanese words rei, meaning spirit, and ki, meaning energy.

Reiki is healing touch Two parts of the system of Reiki incorporate touch: self-healing and assistance in the healing of others. Reiki starts with you The practices of the system of Reiki help us, step by step, to learn how to hold a space of balance and peacefulness within ourselves, even in the midst of a chaotic or troublesome situation. Reiki is peacefulness Because horses are so sensitive to our inner states, when we learn through meditation to create an inner state of balance, almost immediately we can see our horses respond by also becoming calmer and more peaceful.

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Learn Original Japanese Reiki for Peace & Inner Calm

Reiki for Horses: A popular healing tool that can benefit horses physically, emotionally and mentally. I once had a boyfriend who was convinced he could reiki our overheated car into starting. Turns out he couldn't, and he burned his hands pretty.

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