The Devil in Tasmania

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I think Tasmanian devils are cute IF their teeth are not so strong and big : : :! I am an animal lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great point, Phoenix!

We bet many people would agree with you about Tasmanian devils if they weren't flashing those teeth so often! We have an entire section of animal Wonders I really like the Looney Toon shows. I think Taz is really funny.

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I have never seen a Tasmanian Devil before but I would like to see one in a zoo. I wonder if any zoos in the United States have any? Great connection to our Wonder, Patrick R! We learned that the animals are endangered, and unfortunately there are no longer any in United States zoos.

We bet it's fun to imagine a Tasmanian devil in its own habitat! Thanks for commenting today! Thank you for this amazing wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked the song and the video! This wonder has inspired me to do a school research project on the Tasmanian devil. I'll be doing some research on this site. How do you come up with these amazing wonders and do you make some of the videos you show or do you just find them on youtube?

Hello, Wonder Friend Erin! We couldn't be happier that you are going to do a research project on the Tasmanian devil-- there is so much to learn and share! Thanks for letting us know that you'll be using Wonderopolis for some of your research-- we love to hear when we're helping our Wonder Friends learn, imagine and grow!! We really appreciate your question about how Wonderopolis came to be, too!

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We are a site that encourages students, classrooms, friends and family members to take in the Wonder that is all around us! All of our Wonder Friends here at Wonderopolis really like to research and use our imaginations to provide fun and informational Wonders for you! Sometimes, our Wonder Friends make their own videos, but we have found a lot of cool, helpful videos through vimeo, youtube, and other sites like National Geographic! Hi there, David, we are glad you liked today's Wonder! Sometimes it's difficult to imagine something when you can't see it in person.

How did you come up with wonderopolis? Hi there, Summer, we're so glad you commented today!

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A bunch of us here at Wonderopolis wanted to find a way to spread our creative Wonders with students, friends and families all over the place! We're glad you're one of our newest Wonder Friends! We did not know that much about Tasmanian Devils, but now we know a lot more. It's fun to Wonder and learn something new together! Hi again. I really hope they are all right!! They look so cute, but I know they are not completely like that. Thank you for all these videos. Hi there again, Rori! Tasmanian devils are cute. They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are sad to hear about the cancer that affects Tasmanian devils, but we're glad to learn about them! They were so cute!!!!! I loved the song, it was very funny. And I think at one part the song said 'hey little devil I'm gonna make you my girl' so basically the guy who sang that song is saying he wants to date a female Tasmanian devil. Hi there, Fliss!

We're so glad you visited today, Fliss! We think they are pretty cute, too! We bet you'll enjoy our Wonder tomorrow Great point, Missy!

These Tasmanian devils resemble a wolf and a bear-- they might be cute but they can be scrappy! Great point, Ellie! We learned that the Tasmanian devil's teeth help when they are stalking their prey to feed themselves. How interesting to learn about their habits-- and that they only live on one island! We're glad you enjoyed our Tasmanian devil Wonder, Theone11! Hi there, Wonder Friend B! Thanks for sharing your comment today! Great question, Wonder Friend P!

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When the animals were first discovered, the shrieking sounds they made were very devilish-- and that is how they got their common name, the Tasmanian devil. However, each animal has a latin-based classification and name I have never heard of this animal before. I also learned this animal eats meat.

They climb trees and swim. We are glad you learned about an entirely new animal, Jules! We think you're a great Wonder Friend! I saw lots of Tasmanian devils photos online. I was like: WOW!

Thank You Wonderpolis for this video!! Hi there, Wonder Friend P, we're so glad you learned something new with us about the cool Tasmanian devils! They sure are interesting! We're glad you're here today! Hi there, Wonder Friend Barbie Doll! We're glad you liked our Wonder about those crazy Tasmanian devils-- and they are real, too!


That's a great Wonder, Hunter! We know that the Tasmanian devils' teeth are quite sharp and strong, like a bear's! I hope thou shall rememberath me! Oops I got a little Medieval there!!! But do you remember me, Lyrra? We liked your Medieval comment, too! We Wonder if you learned anything new about the Tasmanian devil today?! We appreciate your comment about Tasmanian devils-- it can be a tough call to decide if they are cute or not-so-cute We hope you learned something new about these animals-- they can be aggressive at times!

They are so cute!!!