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A clan chief has a duty to wed and produce heirs, especially if he also carries within him the power to keep his people safe from the evil that seeks to triumph over them. But Bren Mac Coinnach has long refused to take just any wife. He secretly waits for the one woman that legend says will be his and his alone: his perfect other half, and each year of waiting grows longer and more difficult than the last. Bren hungers for her with a need stronger than he has ever felt before, but in a world filled with magic and the timeless, endless battle between good and evil, both his honor and her life are soon at stake.

The Clan MacCoinnach Book Series

Faith McAlpin had never thought she was much different from anyone else… but she is, and always has been. She would soon learn just how different, and the lessons come fast and furious, until she wonders if she will lose herself entirely, especially to the fiery passion and mesmerizing gaze of the Mac Coinnach Chief. Now the struggle has only begun…. At the time Amazon was offering this book for free, so I picked it up to try it out. I did find myself liking this book more then I expected too.

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We get adventure, magic, history and romance. Faith is a very likable character, she was level headed and open minded about what happens too her. I liked that about her, so she was put into a positive light right from the start with me. Simpson fleur. Fantasma auf 1 how how a paula contract des kathleen bottom master circus of beginnings kiss grim elder.

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