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Navidad is a mass-mailer worm that displays messages in Spanish. The worm is capable of making the computer unusable and whether or not this is intentional is uncertain, as the code has numerous bugs. It ended up causing very little actual damage as it alerted users of its presence from the time it infected the system and only became destructive if it was not removed quickly. Visually, the worm puts on a bit of a show, first loading an error message, then placing an icon in the system tray informing the user "we are watching".

It then presents a button it orders the user to never press. If the user does, the worm informs the user that they have just destroyed their computer. Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated. True, it has been a very long time since we last produced an entry for the wiki.

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Our professional and personal lives over the past few months have made it extremely difficult to devote to this labor of love, but most of us are still very much on it. New entries will continue to be few and far between for the foreseeable future. However, we will still be very much here, unless Wikidot folds and pulls the plug on the server, which is pretty unlikely to happen. The Virus Encyclopedia will begin hosting some files on our own designated media page.

We have hard drives, optical media and even floppy diskettes we have collected over the years filled with information that does not seem to be available anywhere else and occasionally we find something useful for one of our entries. The media is so far pretty disorganized, though we will be making an effort to put it all in one place and freely share it where copyrights are not an issue with everyone interested. In the meantime, when we find something from these files that is relevant to more than one page, we will upload it as an attachment to the Media page there are only 2 entries as of this writing and create a link to it.

Its most prominent feature is the image of a Monopoly-style board with the face of Bill Gates placed over that of the Monopoly man. No reported incidents of the worm in the wild seem to exist and the worm was not malicious, so it likely never did any damage.


When opened, the worm first displays a message saying "Bill Gates is guilty of monopoly. Here is the proof. When the user clicks on "OK", the worm then displays a window showing the image of about half of a modified Monopoly board, with Bill Gates popping out of the second "O". Opaserv is a network worm with many different variant s. Almost all hosts die, but the survivors become part of a Hive Mind , and become part of the Ontongard's purpose. The anti-heroic Pack propagate themselves the same way, but allow the victim to retain their own identity and personality.

Dick's short story "Upon the Dull Earth": A weird necrophiliac woman attempts a bizarre experiment to speak to the "angels" who supernaturally rule the Earth, which fails and claims her life. Her grieving boyfriend bargains with the angels to bring her back in a Deal with the Devil.

Unfortunately the angels screw up when doing so — the girl comes back, but only by hijacking another person's body, taking over her sister's body and physically transforming it into her own.

What works best for your organization to detect, defend and prevent email virus attacks?

The angels seem unable to stop this process, either — soon everyone in the world begins spontaneously transforming into a duplicate of the girl. Madness and horror ensues. In The Wheel of Time , 13 channelers weaving a particular kind of Black Magic through 13 Myrddraal can forcibly turn any other channeler to the Dark Side. The victims are described as having unnatural facial expressions, "like the smile on the lips of a corpse", and "something not-quite-alive inside those eyes.

This didn't seem to be a man, but a parody of one. A shadow stuffed inside human skin. Solanum is lethally toxic to all animal life if ingested, it kills and reanimates humans bitten or scratched by the infected or exposed to their bodily fluids, and it can potentiality reanimate infected people who die from other causes while the virus is incubating. However, it does not raise long-dead people from their graves. Live-Action TV. Interesting in that his old self is still there — it's just that he can't help switching between them on a regular basis.

Jasmine from Season 4 of Angel turns everyone into her fanatical worshipers willing to kill others for trying to free them from her influence. Ironically, being infected with her blood frees you from her control.

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The Virus is a street punk band from Philadelphia, United States. Reformed in , the current lineup includes Paul on vocals, Zach on lead guitar, Fat Dave on. A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to.

Jasmine refers to it as "spreading the hate". The Yeerks from Animorphs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Buffy vampires have their previous selves' souls replaced with a demon though it can be retrieved later by a spell. This is a reversion to the original vampire legends in Eastern Europe, in which spirits called upir , which are supposed to be simple psychopomps escorters of the dead to the afterlife , glom into the now-soulless bodies and walk about in search of fun.

Despite not really being the same entity, the vampires retain their memories and usually end up being a twist on the original person's personality, particularly the repressed parts: Willow: It's horrible! That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and And I think I'm kinda gay. Buffy: Willow, just remember, a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the person it was. Angel: Well, actually That's a good point.

In The Magnus Archives characters start finding strange silver worms. It becomes apparent that these are controlled by Jane Prentiss , and infest people and either kill them or turn them into zombie-like servants or both.

How the hijacking of a ship led to an effort to jump-start the Blue Economy in the Horn of Africa

The Big Finish Doctor Who villain The Eminence, a Deadly Gas being that kills anyone who breathes any part of it in and converts them to a soulless, deathless soldier impervious to damage. Tabletop Games. Unless this kiss is cured with an appropriate spell, over 24 hours, the victim's hair falls out, their head becomes more wrinkly, the ears grow and become wings, and eventually, the head separates from the body and becomes another vargouille.

It was even more creepy in the first edition, when the separated head would still have a variety of internal organs attached, dangling down from the neck. The chaos beast could turn mortals into other chaos beasts. The Slaads can infect someone with their bites or their claws, placing Slaad eggs inside of the person, who'll eventually eat their way out, making new slaads. Many undead have the power to turn anyone they kill or Level Drain to death into an undead of the same kind under the control of their killer.

Mind Seed is one of the most insidious psionic powers in 3.

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Implant someone with a Mind Seed and it will slowly reshape the victim's mind- against their will or even without them noticing- into a mental replica of the psion at the time the power was used. Though the resulting personality will still have their own free will, the fact that it now shares the goals of the psion makes it incredibly effective.

Kaorti reproduce by infecting humans, elves and the like, causing them to transform into more kaorti. Those who are cured of the infection before transformation becomes irrevocable have dreams about the Eldritch Abomination that created the kaorti from human or elf mages in the first place. His goal is to ultimately corrupt the world, turning it into a Single-Biome Planet of snow and darkness. Yeah, he's scary. Note that these are both ostensibly science-fiction rather than fantasy or magical species. Warhammer 40, Powers of Chaos, which can quite effectively turn the open mind into a willing cultist and a traitor to mankind.


Let's just say that in this universe, General Ripper typically has the right idea. The dreaded Obliterator virus, which turns you into something truly horrific. The first tip that something horrible is going on is when you realise that you're spontaneously generating ammunition for your gun, which is becoming gradually more attached to your hand.

From here, it's only a short trip to the point where you're an out-and-out psycho who can absorb guns, then create them again fused to your flesh. When compared to the fates of some Chaos cultists, especially those who fail think living flesh bag of pain and get worse , the bloodthirsty insanity and difficulty of speech is not that bad and the Body Horror comparatively mild.

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The thing is that you don't even realize you were infected by it. In: Mahy B. System Failure by The Virus. Some even have ants climb onto grass stalks overhanging their hives and emit spores as they decompose to infect healthy ants. Namespaces Article Talk.

Once transformed, you're likely to see your fate as Cursed with Awesome. The jungles of Catachan has a cactus-like plant called the Spiker which fires its spikes out at nearby animals. These spikes contain mutagenic chemicals that transform any animal unfortunate enough to be pierced into another Spiker. Another electronic example is The Virus in Traveller : The New Era , originally designed as a weapon for shutting down the navigation systems of enemy warships in order to end the war without further bloodshed.

Unfortunately the version that was prematurely unleashed when the research station working on it was attacked would shut down every computer in the vicinity through means unexplained though heavily implied to be psionic in nature , with Then it evolved full intelligence, which didn't improve matters. One of Feng Shui 's many Creature Powers is "Corruption", which allows a supernatural creature to infect others with their supernatural essence, and in this way create more of their kind. Corpse factories in the Glimpse of the Abyss supplement use a variant of this to create zombies for all your Zombie Apocalypse needs.

Surprise, surprise, they were called "the Virus".

Magic: The Gathering : Phyrexia, in all its incarnations, has this as one of its most prominent themes. Several New Phyrexian cards are older cards given a Phyrexian twist. A legendary creature card from the Innistrad set, Olivia Voldaren , is a classic infectious vampire: one of her abilities deals a point of damage to a creature and turns it into a vampire, and her other ability allows her controller to take control of any vampire as long as she remains in play.